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Hello! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I'm a best-selling author and MoMA has called my work “truly unique.” My books have sold over 300,000 copies, and I've sold three feature film screenplays, produced a web series, and written over 600 short stories currently featured in my popular story podcast, Write Now Stories.

I've developed plays with the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive, Naked Angels Theater, and The Actor’s Centre in London.

You can read a selection of my “Lives I have lead in my head,” stories at

My unique method, as well as my strength with voice and structure helps established and aspiring authors create compelling narratives.

I work as a writer, developmental editor and writing coach. As an editor, I help authors get published by getting to the heart of their work and finding passion in their projects. Genres include: literary and commercial fiction; non-fiction, technical, business, health, history and memoirs.

I provide individual authors with a variety of editorial tasks, including proposal writing and analysis, manuscript consultation and editing, as well as ghostwriting.

With over 25 years in book publishing working with Parallax Press, Peachpit Press, Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster, and many independent publishers, I understand the myriad aspects of publishing from material to marketing.


A pioneer of print-on-demand indie publishing and the web, I comprehend the complexities of converting self published material and blogs into fully developed traditional books.

I have degrees in Literature, Journalism and Theater from San Diego State University. My diverse background provides me with the unique ability to help writers hone their narrative voice, clarify their structure and discover a deeper sense of story. At the same time, he can see with Beginner’s Mind to ensure their message is clear and compelling for the reader. 

In addition to writing, I'm an actor who has most recently appeared in the feature films Pushing Boundaries, Reality TV Movie and The Power of Love. I appear on television, stage, and web, both scripted and improvised.
I'm also known as an accomplished designer. My unique wristwatches are currently sold at the Guggenheim, MoMA and other major museums worldwide.​

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Write in the Now Cover

A workshop in a book? Yup, it's right here in this highly-visual little volume. Buy it now!

ghost horse cover.jpg

An indigenous American girl is guided by her grandmother to tame the wild Ghost Horse, a horse none of the men in the tribe have ever been able to catch. Through compassion and kindness, Ghost Horse comes to trust the girl, and soon they are riding together, flying across the night sky. Illustrated by famed saddlemaker and artist, Lisa Skyhorse. See it and buy it on Amazon.

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