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The best thing we humans do.

The best of the arts, combined.

The best alchemists:
We turn shit into fertilizer.

I was born playful. Then it took 50 years to also be honest. Now I can get out of the way and let the characters tell their stories. They chose me because I understand and love them. I want the best for them after dragging them through the worst. 

I believe theater needs to be a live experience, shared  between the actors and audience.

Now, of course, we’re all locked in solitary and aren’t allowed to commingle lest we die. I get that. So I’m playing with ways for actors and audiences to play with each other online.


Drop me a line and let's play together!

LoMaH milt and honey logo rope.jpg

In "The Land of Milt and Honey," Milt is an accountant with a little cooking show on the web called "The way to a man's heart." Honey's an out-of-work marketing moven who sees his show as her opportunity to go viral. 

Work becomes romance and they tie the knot, Then Honey comes up with a stunt to literally tie a knot around each other—with rope. It goes viral. Always chasing more viewers and “likes” Honey adds more and more physical ropes until they’re codependent to the point of being conjoined and cannot move independently. At the same time, she takes more control of Milt, and the show, cnow retitled “Joined at the hip."

The play features onstage cooking, with the audience getting fed. On Zoom that could involve anything from preset Postmates menus, to scratch-n-sniff... 

Cast: 3 (1 non-speaking)

Genre: Dark comedy

Keywords: Codependency, cooking, surreal, social media

Beverly Hills Library Flyer Land of Milt and Honey Feb 4.jpg
rffa feet banner1.jpg

In Rules for Fucking Around, four gay men of different ages and ethnicities change partners and... do what gay men do in open relationships. 

As in life, chance is integral to the play's structure--only the first and last two scenes are set. The order of the other scenes is determined in the lobby before the show.


Audience members take turns spinning a wheel of fortune with scene names on it to set the order of that performance. No two performances are the same.


The gives both the audience, and the actors, a unique experience. This is further enhanced by the fact that there are more scenes than can fit into a single performance. So seeing the show multiple times reveals new material as well as new structure.

Cast: 4, 20-60

Genre: comedy, romantic comedy, drama

Keyword: gay, love, open relationships, gender, sex, 

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