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A workshop in a book? Yup, it's right here in this highly-visual little volume.

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photoplay cover ny hollywood images in progress darker.jpg

1940, New York City, the modern world is emerging.


Herb, A young photographer, discovers the power of the image... as well as himself and his bisexuality.


How can he find his place in this modern world of artists, Nazis, mobsters and movie stars-- where mass media and politics collide with sex of all kinds with all kinds of people?


Discover Herb's surprising odyssey in this delightfully vivid time-machine of a novel. 

Private edition now available here!

weekend boyfriend cover.png

The Weekend Boyfriend is a witty cocktail that blends an earnest gay Hollywood screenwriter, his handsome-devil ex and his brand-new true-love.


Add a splash of bitters from an opinionated therapist, simple syrup from a wealthy Bel Air bestie, a manipulatively fertile friend, a couple horny aliens and at least two Buddhist monks...


Serve hot—if not flaming—and you have one tasty, madcap, tinseltown rom com. 

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ghost horse cover.jpg

An indigenous American girl is guided by her grandmother to tame the wild Ghost Horse, a horse none of the men in the tribe have ever been able to catch.


Through compassion and kindness, Ghost Horse comes to trust the girl, and soon they are riding together, flying across the night sky.


This empowering fable of kindness and love between grandmother and granddaughter, between human and horse, is perfect for multi-generational families to enjoy together. Illustrated by famed saddlemaker and artist, Lisa Skyhorse


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ghost horse


hugwhore cover cactus _a.png

Charlie doesn't want a boyfriend (even for the weekend), that's too much work.


But he does need cuddling (don't we all).


Then he discovers his calling: "Embraceable You," a career in professional cuddling.


His romp through present-day LA changes him in ways he could never expect. Hilarious and heartfelt. A warm embrace and a bracing slap in the face.

Coming Winter 2023

In the year 2222, the ❰eye❱ is an all-seeing AI running the world with a single goal: make people happy.

This thoughtful and thrilling Utopian Socialist adventure takes you into a world where AI and robots do all the work while humans are free to live a life of pleasure, free from worry about money, shelter or food. Race, inequality and all differences have been eliminated. Everyone is happy, all the time, no exceptions!


Addison DeVoc (aka “Aᴰ”), is a psychic who had himself frozen in 2022. He’s defrosted into this new world where he discovers maybe this kind of happiness isn’t all it's cracked up to be.

With the help of Gä, a newly conscious part of the ❰eye❱ in a cloned human body, and Bē, a cyborg made from the remains of Aᴰ’s former lover, Trent, Aᴰ sets out on a journey of self-discovery to figure out what it means to be truly human.

Coming Spring 2024

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