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An indigenous American girl is guided by her grandmother to tame the wild Ghost Horse, a horse none of the men in the tribe have ever been able to catch. Through compassion and kindness, Ghost Horse comes to trust the girl, and soon they are riding together, flying across the night sky. This empowering fable of kindness and love between grandmother and granddaughter, between human and horse, is perfect for multi-generational families to enjoy together. Illustrated by famed saddlemaker and artist, Lisa SkyhorseSee it and buy it on Amazon.


1940, New York City, where the modern world is emerging, a young photographer discovers the power of the image... As well as himself and his sexuality.

He must find his place in an exciting world of mobsters and Nazis, mass media and art, politics, and sex of all kinds with all kinds of people.


Discover his surprising odyssey in this delightfully vivid time machine of a novel.

Coming Fall 2021

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