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  • Break through blocks.
  • Create rich, emotional stories. 
  • Connect with your characters.
  • Discover new tools for storytelling.
  • Quiet your inner critic.
  • Get out of your own way.
  • Learn to love writing!

A workshop in a book? Yup, it's right here in this highly-visual little volume. Buy it now!

This challenging time means you have time to start telling your own stories (rather than just reading and watching other people's!).


Next workshop: Saturday September 12th from 11am to 2pm (Pacific Time)

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Unleash your potential as an artist by unlocking your storytelling power. Write in the Now is an effective practice you can use every day to find deeper, more compelling stories - and enjoy the process. 

Look around, right now. What do you see, hear, smell, feel, taste, touch? How does that make you feel physically--emotionally. As humans, these are the ways we experience the world. This is how characters experience the world, too.

It can be simple, but we complicate things by trying to "make it up," "figure it out," and even "invent" a story. Instead, we can experience the story. Write in the Now teaches you how to do exactly that--experience the world through your characters' senses and emotions and let them tell you their stories.

You'll learn how to get out of your own way and into the flow that's so productive and feels so good! ​You'll be freed to tap into the deep ​well of universal creativity you thought was out of reach. When your characters come alive, their stories are natural and compelling.


For writers: discover and ​develop rich nuanced fiction in real time. For actors: dive into the psyche of your characters to reach previously unknown depths and create your own content.

This practice gives you the power to create new material, expand work in progress, as well as help you finish current projects that have stalled. 

The results stand alone or become the foundation of larger works, such as novels, plays and screenplays, web series, and devised theater pieces.​ And--this process is actually fun, so you'll want to use it daily for inspiration--and results.

"Your workshop honestly changed my life. Your simple exercises help me get out of my head and stop listening to my inner critic. I finally felt free to write!" Allyson S. Los Angeles





This challenging time means you have time to start telling your own stories (rather than just reading and watching other people's!). Sign up and I'll let you know about the next one!

Actors, writers, anyone who wants to tell deeper, more engaging stories --this workshop's for you! Writers - instantly break through blocks and let your characters work for you. Actors - even if you don't consider yourself a writer, you can start creating content on the spot.

You'll get a solid foundation for creative storytelling; physically, emotionally and intellectually, with the building blocks you need to create longer pieces, such as screenplays, web series, novels, and plays.

By the end of the class, you’ll come away with at least four original, emotional, and detailed stories that stand alone or can be used as source material for a play, screenplay or series.

The live Los Angeles workshop is held at The Skirball Center, conveniently located off the 405. Parking is free under the building. 



“Your practice changed my life! The simple exercises help me, everyday, to get out of my head and stop listening to my inner critic. I finally feel free to write! Allyson S. Los Angeles

Will-Harris' practice let me discover stories I never would have “thought of” in a way that's complete joy to do. No writer’s block. No angst. Just letting the stories flow.” Alex - Vancouver 

I'm a professional writer working on a novel and I was stuck. Will-Harris' method not only got me back on track, it helped me visualize the characters and then the story, so I'm excited to be back at work.
Dianne, Los Angeles

I'm an actor, and wanted to create my own content. But I didn't think I could write, or know what to write. In just one workshop, Daniel's method had me creating fascinating characters and stories which I'm now turning into a web series. I recommend his workshop to any actor who wants to create their own material! Katherine - Hollywood

You are limited by your imagination! This practice gets your ego out of the way and quells your inner-critic. Write in the Now got me re-energized and excited to write again. Now my projects get done--organically and happily. Chris - Sydney

I never thought I could write. Then I took Will-Harris’ workshop and was floored to see how freeing and fun it was to let my imagination take me places I could never have thought of going. Bettina - San Francisco.


Hello! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I've written 8 books that have sold over 300,000 copies, three produced screenplays, and over 500 short stories using the writing technique I created called “Write in the Now.” 

You can read a selection of my “Lives I have lead in my head,” stories at www.subliminos.com

My unique method, as well as my strength with voice and structure helps established and aspiring authors create compelling narratives.

I work as a writer, developmental editor and writing coach. As an editor, I help authors get published by getting to the heart of their work and finding passion in their projects. Genres include: literary and commercial fiction; non-fiction, technical, business, health, history and memoirs.

I provide individual authors with a variety of editorial tasks, including proposal writing and analysis, manuscript consultation and editing, as well as ghostwriting.

With over 25 years in book publishing working with Parallax Press, Peachpit Press, Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster, and many independent publishers, I understand the myriad aspects of publishing from material to marketing.


A pioneer of print-on-demand indie publishing and the web, I comprehend the complexities of converting self published material and blogs into fully developed traditional books.

I have degrees in Literature, Journalism and Theater from San Diego State University. My diverse background provides me with the unique ability to help writers hone their narrative voice, clarify their structure and discover a deeper sense of story. At the same time, he can see with Beginner’s Mind to ensure their message is clear and compelling for the reader. 

In addition to writing, I'm an actor who has most recently appeared in the feature films Pushing Boundaries, Reality TV Movie and The Power of Love. I appear on television, stage, and web, both scripted and improvised.
I'm also known as an accomplished designer. My unique wristwatches are currently sold at the Guggenheim and MoMA, who calls me "a computer graphics pioneer," and his work "truly unique.​

“I was part of a performance art piece at SFMoMA where I stood in an empty gallery and talked about a subject I knew nothing about--for an hour.

Developing this piece entirely changed the way I wrote from traditional "thinking" to a real-time method that fearlessly taps into the unknown. I would hear myself saying things and wonder, “I didn’t know that!” But I didn’t have to “know” it, my character did. 

I was now free to tell stories that were completely unexpected, from characters of any age, gender, race or time period.

As well as discovering stories you never would have "thought of," the practice it's a complete joy to do. No writer's block. No angst. Just letting the stories flow. Because it’s fun, you’ll enjoy and want to do it often, opening you to a world of new characters and stories you never would have imagined. It’s easy. It’s fun. It works.



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